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AFC Playoff Picture: Jets Still Hold Final Playoff Spot

Rick Stewart

Despite yesterday's brutal defeat, the Jets still own the six seed in the AFC and would make the Playoffs if the season ended today.

At 5-5, the Jets and the Dolphins are tied. The Jets would win a tiebreaker based on their .500 winning percentage in division against Miami's .000. Since the Jets play Miami twice, they control their own destiny and can gain room on the Dolphins.

Seven teams have four wins in the AFC so there is quite a logjam. At this point, the Jets lead the chase for the last spot by a nose. There are probably two ways to look at it. In a huge race, one or more of these teams is likely to catch fire so the Jets will have to be one of those teams to make it. That means playing with far more consistency than we have seen. There is also the possibility the teams chasing this spot are all deeply flawed so the erratic play we have seen might be enough. I tend to lean to the idea the Jets need to play better.

In any event, it looks like six seed or bust. With only six games left, the Jets are 2.5 games behind New England and losing the division record tiebreaker. They are four games behind Kansas City for the five seed.