Part 3 in a Series, Etiquette in Debating here on GGN.

Disclaimer: This post is just my opinion. I am not admin, just a follower of this site and like everyone here, a huge NY Jets fan!

It is no secret that for the most part, I have lost most the of the debates I have got into over the past 90 days. I blame that on lack of knowledge, laziness on actually looking things up and overall, taking on some big dogs. I joined GGN three years ago but have only been active the past few months. Gang Green Nation has given me a crash course on all things related to the NY Jets when it comes to knowledge. Even though I thought I was the biggest Jets fan ever, I have surpassed that with more then you could ever fathom. With this knowledge, I have stepped out of my comfort zone, got off the sideline and have been enthralled in debate.

Before I get into the etiquette of debating I'd just like to say that Johnny B (not kissing his @ss bc he is the boss) has handed me most my loses. He has a comeback for everything from not only knowledge but he's also a pretty witty dude. Unless you bring your A game don't bother......

Now at the subject at hand, 99.99% of the commentators here on GGN are a class act. Sure there are times we all get heated and argue our point. If we all agreed that would not be a debate and therefore this site would be lame. I personally respect everyone's opinion here. I may not always agree with them but that is there opinion. I will make my points and listen to there's. Sometimes I will end with, "we agree to disagree". Or, other times I will let you know that you totally lost the debate i.e. Zeke, Broadway Jose, Crackback, KyleA. ( I can be delusional)

With that said, we are all very passionate about our team. We are NY Jets fans. No way a casual fan finds there way to this site so in the great words of Ali G, RESPECT yo!


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