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Jets vs. Bills Defensive Snap Count

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Below are defensive snap totals for the Jets yesterday in their loss to Buffalo. The first number is the total number of snaps played. The second number is the percentage of defensive snaps played.

Looking at these totals, one thing is clear. Ed Reed is your new starter at safety. If he is playing so much and Antonio Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett so little on a week where he was just being introduced to the team, he is probably going to get the bulk of the snaps going forward.

D Davis LB 67 100%

D Landry SS 67 100%

D Harris LB 67 100%

Q Coples LB 67 100%

A Cromartie CB 67 100%

M Wilkerson DE 64 96%

D Milliner CB 61 91%

E Reed FS 59 88%

S Richardson DT 58 87%

C Pace LB 57 85%

D Harrison NT 43 64%

K Ellis DT 19 28%

L Douzable DE 12 18%

T Davis LB 9 13%

K Wilson CB 9 13%

J Jarrett FS 8 12%

A Allen FS 3 4%