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Bills 37 Jets 14: A Buffalo Stampede

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets fell to 5-5 today. Ten games into the 2013 season, they still have neither strung together two straight wins nor two straight losses. This was the third of New York's five losses in which the Jets were not even remotely competitive. This has been a roller coaster season, and today was another major low. Just me below to break it all down.

The Bad:

Leger Douzable: Him jumping offsides on the punt might have been the biggest play of the game. It allowed the Bills to go for and covert a fourth down. This set up a touchdown that took the score from 3-0 and Jets ball to 10-0. It snowballed from there. There was no reason to jump. He was not in a position where he was ever going to block a punt. It was simply an undisciplined play.

Dee Milliner: Milliner had 8 tackles. There are many positions where you like to see a guy have a lot of tackles. Cornerback is not one of them. Cornerbacks most frequently tackle receivers after they have been beaten for receptions. As opponents have done all year, the Bills targeted Milliner and frequently beat him, including the aforementioned touchdown to make it 10-0 when Milliner was in good position initially but didn't identify the ball was underthrown and ran himself out of the play. He isn't ready. He isn't better than Darrin Walls. He shouldn't be playing.

Antonio Cromartie: Cro was beaten deep for a big touchdown in the second half. It really seems like he has lost a step.

Brian Winters: Kyle Williams dominated him all game. Winters blew multiple blocks, including one that resulted in a strip sack. The only thing that differentiated him from Vladimir Ducasse today was a lack of killer penalties.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson: Brick is not having a good year. How much is due to the suspect play of the Jets' left guards is not entirely clear, but Ferguson allowed another sack today and blew some other blocks.

Austin Howard: Howard has quietly been putting together a very good season, but today was a bit of a rough game. He blew a block to get Geno Smith clobbered on the first drive and had a few other hiccups.

Stephen Hill: He was shutout today. Is it too much to ask for a guy as big and strong as he is supposed to be to create some separation or fight through contact and win a contested ball?

Geno Smith: I do not blame him for the lack of an explosive offense. There are too many plays when nobody is open. I do, however, blame him for the lack of blitz recognition, poor mechanics, and awful turnovers. The ball was floating on him today. That might have had to do something with the wind. That is a bad sign anyway considering the Jets play in a stadium with bad wind, but Geno's mechanics fell apart. He also made some brutal decisions, resulting in four turnovers. On his three interceptions, it was almost as though he didn't see the defender. There are turnovers, and there are TURNOVERS. On most of Geno's turnovers, it is difficult to figure out exactly what he is seeing. These are not about a guy not cutting correctly or getting outfought for the ball. These are not about him trying to make a big play. They are about him not making reads even a rookie should be able to make. Let's be honest. He has played ten games. Five of them have been poor. In one, his receiving corps being decimated by injuries coupled with an effective run game made him irrelevant. Two games have ranged from mediocre to decent, and in only two can one say he played great. That is troubling, especially considering the last great performance came well over a month ago. He does not seem to be improving.

Nick Folk: I know the wind was bad, but Dan Carpenter had no problems kicking at the same goal post.

Defensive Game Plan: It is subjective and difficult to say for sure without viewing the all 22 footage, but it seemed like the Bills had an answer for every Jets blitz. They knew what was coming and how to pick it up.

The Good:

Santonio Holmes: Holmes was one of the few effective Jets with a pair of catches for 71 yards, and he also nearly made another brilliant diving grab. The first catch was really impressive, where he adjusted to a deep ball that seemed to get caught up in the wind.

Damon Harrison: The Bills were stonewalled on the ground. A Buffalo running back did not have a gain over 7 yards on the ground. Harrison chipped in with nine tackles.

Muhammad Wilkerson: The Bills had a tough time blocking him. He had 9 tackles of his own.

Sheldon Richardson: He also had nine tackles and did a good job chasing down the Bills running backs to either redirect them or tackle them on passes. Maybe this wasn't the defensive line's best day in rushing the passer, but the Jets invested a lot in the secondary that it needs to hold to give the line more time to get there if the initial pass rush is slowed down.

Chris Ivory: A cosmetic 69 yard run in garbage time rescued him from an ugly stat line. Ivory ran well early, though. His average was hit by some short yardage situation carries and others where he had no chance as initial contact was made in the backfield. Whenever he was given a little space, he made the most of it.

Other Thought:

  • Please, do not anybody act like Matt Simms' touchdown drive against a soft prevent defense makes him a good solution at quarterback. Just don't do it.

So the Jets go limping into a very important game with Baltimore with big Playoff implications. If there is one thing to take heart in, it is knowing this team has shaken off losses this ugly before. That is about the only positive to take away. This was hideous.