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New York Jets: Behind the Scenes at MetLife Stadium

Jeff Zelevansky

Before the Jets hopefully continue their journey on the road to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl this Sunday, GGN was granted a behind the scenes tour of the stadium last night.

My iPhone camera isn't exactly going to win many photography awards, but I snapped as many pictures as I could. They are now up on the official GGN Facebook page.

Click over to take a look. We got a chance to view stadium offices, some high priced suites, and the area just outside the Jets locker room. We also got a view of last night's international soccer match between Argentina and Ecuador from the press box, where the real media convenes every Sunday. There is even a picture of the place food is served in case you were wondering where Rich and Manish eat.

Click on over to see some behind the scenes footage of the stadium our beloved Jets call home.