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NFL Week 11 Picks


NY Jets over Buffalo

As scared as I am that the Jets might come out flat and turn it over, I think the Bills are going to have a very tough time moving the ball. Running it will be very difficult on this front, and Buffalo could have a depleted receiving corps.

Indianapolis over Tennessee

Last week's game feels like a tipping point for the Titans' season.

Chicago over Baltimore

The Ravens are a different team on the road.

Cincinnati over Cleveland

The Bengals could use a home game against the Browns to get back on track.

Houston over Oakland

It's ugly in Houston, but it's "possibly starting Matt McGloin on the road" ugly in Oakland.

Arizona over Jacksonville

I don't believe in the Jaguars to string together back to back wins.

Philadelphia over Washington

Suddenly the Eagles seem to be putting it together, and Chip Kelly might be a genius after not being a genius after all after being a genius.

Detroit over Pittsburgh

I think the Lions just have too many weapons.

Atlanta over Tampa Bay

I don't believe in the Bucs to string together back to back wins.

San Diego over Miami

It feels like one of these 4-5 teams is in the race, and the other is collapsing.

San Francisco over New Orleans

I see the Niners having a lot of success running it and limiting the opportunities Drew Brees gets.

NY Giants over Green Bay

Has any team ever had an easier time getting back into the race after an 0-6 start than the Giants? Freeman, Pryor, Barkley, and now Tolzien are the last four quarterbacks they have faced.

Seattle over Minnesota


Denver over Kansas City

This is the week where not beating themselves won't be enough for the Chiefs.

Carolina over New England

I don't love this Patriots offense against this Carolina defense.