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The New York Jets Sign Ed Reed

Larry French

In a move that was first called by Jake Steinberg, the New York Jets have signed Ed Reed. Reed was recently released by the Houston Texans. Although most believe that Reed is washed up and pretty much useless at this point, my feeling is that if there is anyone capable of getting something out of him, it's Rex Ryan. If he is unable to do so, then the team can release Reed with little impact. As the corresponding move, the Jets have released Ricky Sapp, arguably the least useful player on the roster.

What this move tells me, more than anything, is that John Idzik trusts Rex Ryan. When Idzik is trying to rebuild this team from the ground up, giving Ryan a toy like this that's very much questionable to have anything left shows me that he trusts him to coach Reed back to a glimmer of his glory days. Reed is reportedly already practicing with the team, so it's possible we see him this week against the Buffalo Bills, although we'll certainly see him next week against his original team, the Baltimore Ravens. In the meantime, if you see a homeless looking man in the Florham Park area, it's probably Reed.