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Jets vs. Bills: A Look at Buffalo's John B Ratio

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

The John B ratio is a stat I invented two weeks ago before the Saints game. It shows a team's run-pass ratio when a certain running back back, tight end, or wide receiver is on the field. This gives a small hint as to what an opponent's tendency might be. I have never seen anybody else produce this stat so I named it after myself.

It obviously isn't perfect. Some of the data is obvious. When reserve receivers play, it is usually on passing downs or when a team is way behind an needs to throw it.

At any rate, it gives us a ballpark idea of what a team is likely to do when a given player is on the field.

Player Position Plays Pass % Run %
Marcus Easley WR 33 84.8 15.2
Chris Hogan WR 89 78.7 21.3
Marquise Goodwin WR 167 70.1 29.9
Chris Gragg TE 29 65.6 34.4
T.J. Graham WR 515 64.7 35.3
Fred Jackson RB 428 64.5 35.5
Scott Chandler TE 627 61.1 38.9
Stevie Johnson WR 530 57.4 42.6
Tashard Choice RB 99 56.6 43.4
Robert Woods WR 622 56.4 43.6
C.J. Spiller RB 223 45.3 54.7
Lee Smith TE 242 32.6 67.4
Frank Summers RB 130 28.5 71.5