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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Looking Through the Results

Al Bello

Here are how some of the big media outlets rate the Jets relative to the rest of the league going into Week 11 after their bye week. One of these continues to make little sense.

SB Nation (Jason Chilton): 18 (+2)

Another team that gained ground by standing still, the Jets will come out of the bye trying to adhere to Rex Ryan's Ground and Pound ethos. Geno Smith may still torpedo them with some three-interception games, but at least his three-interception games are somehow less deflating than Mark Sanchez's three-interception games. So the Jets have that going for them.

ESPN: 12 (+2)

The Jets rushed for a season-high 198 yards in a Week 9 win over the Saints. Don't change the approach, as the previous high came against Week 11 opponent Buffalo.

FOX Sports (Brian Billick): 12 (+2)

I've been down on the Jets for most of the season, but the way I see it, the Jets make the playoffs as the 6th seed.

Yahoo! (Shutdown Corner): 12 (+4)

Look at the 4-5 teams in the AFC. Look at the teams below them. I don't love the Jets but they're the No. 6 seed now, and can anyone beat them?

CBS (Pete Prisco): 14 (--)

They come out of their bye week with a real shot to be a factor in the playoff race. Can they get some consistency?

CBS (Pat Kirwan): 14 (+2)

Coming off a bye, they have a chance to be a wild card if Geno Smith can be more consistent. The defense shows up and the run game is much improved.

New York Daily News: 11 (+5)

Sitting with the sixth seed in hand right now.

Where do you think the Jets should rank?