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Jets vs. Falcons Defensive Snap Count

Scott Cunningham

Below are defensive snap totals for the Jets last night against Atlanta. The first number is the total number of defensive snaps played. The second is the percentage of defensive snaps played.

Of particular note is Antonio Allen only getting the fourth most time of safeties this week. That is interesting since he has been an every down player and has been sold. Rex Ryan has even commented on how he loves the flexibility Allen provides the Jets in the personnel they use. Perhaps this was a result of this week's specific game plan. The Jets might have thought they could stop the run without Allen and wanted to play the pass with better coverage safeties. It bears watching.

D Landry SS 76 100%

D Harris LB 76 100%

A Cromartie CB 76 100%

D Walls CB 74 97%

D Davis LB 73 96%

M Wilkerson DE 68 89%

Q Coples LB 60 79%

C Pace LB 55 72%

S Richardson DT 53 70%

J Jarrett FS 48 63%

K Wilson CB 41 54%

D Harrison NT 28 37%

J Bush SS 25 33%

L Douzable DE 20 26%

A Barnes LB 18 24%

G McIntyre LB 16 21%

A Allen FS 16 21%

K Ellis DT 10 13%

E Lankster CB 3 4%