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Jets vs. Falcons Offensive Snap Count

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Below are snap totals on offense for the Jets in last night's victory over the Falcons. the first number is the total number of snaps. The second number is the percentage of offensive snaps played.

What really sticks out is not necessarily playing time but the fact the Jets only snapped it 46 times on offense. That seemed to be partly by design. The Jets seemed to want to play ball control and run it more than they had early this season. Part of it was the Falcons putting together some long drives of their own. Part of it was special teams making plays to give the Jets short fields, which result in shorter series. In any event, the Jets were very efficient. 30 points in only 46 snaps is superb.

D Ferguson T 46 100%

W Colon G 46 100%

A Howard T 46 100%

B Winters G 46 100%

G Smith QB 46 100%

N Mangold C 46 100%

J Kerley WR 37 80%

J Cumberland TE 35 76%

B Powell RB 34 74%

S Hill WR 31 67%

E Gates WR 23 50%

K Winslow TE 19 41%

T Bohanon FB 15 33%

D Nelson WR 15 33%

M Goodson RB 11 24%

C Ivory RB 8 17%

S Richardson FB 1 2%

V Ducasse G 1 2%