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Jets vs. Falcons Second Half Thread

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lead the Falcons at the half 17-7. New York has controlled the game. The Jets have scored on all three possessions. Atlanta's only scoring drive was aided on a flukey 47 yard gain on a fumble. There have been a few missed opportunities for New York to really put this one out of reach. It was a complete half by the New York Jets. There have not been many of those for fans to enjoy over the past few years.

This game is far from over. The Falcons are a very talented team. That is part of why the Jets' dominance in the first half has been so impressive. If the Jets can keep it going, they will have a win few expected them to get.

Leave your second half thoughts below. The normal rules apply. There's no need for links to illegal broadcasts of the game since it is on national television, but don't ask for or supply them anyway.