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Jets vs. Falcons: Talking Points the Announcers Will Beat Into the Ground Tonight


Let me tell you something, Mike. This is going to be a great battle at the line of scrimmage. Rex Ryan loves to mix things up on defense, and Matt Ryan is going to have to see what's happening and make adjustments. It's Ryan vs. Ryan! I can't decide which one is better!

This Mike Smith, all he does is produce winning seasons here in Atlanta.

This Matt Ryan is one smooth quarterback. Man, I am glad I don't have to coach against this Atlanta team in the NFC South anymore.

I love this guy, Bilal Powell. He's shifty and can make something out of nothing.

This guy Sheldon Richardson is such a disruptive presence inside. He reminds me of this guy I used to coach in Tampa by the name of Warren Sapp.

Why is Tony Gonzalez saying this is his last year? This guy can keep producing another five seasons.