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The Make Fun of GGN Thread

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier tonight a tweet went out from the Twitter account of the voice of the Texans, Matt Vandermeer, that Houston had traded Matt Schaub to Cleveland. As it turns out, this was a hoax.

One of my GGN colleagues fell for the prank and posted an article here about this.

This is worse than the time Kent Brockman had the Channel 6 news team bring two cameras to Springfield Elementary because Bart Simpson phoned in a story about an octopus being on the roof of the school.

We're even getting burned on Twitter by a dude who declared A-Rod one of classiest athletes on the planet.

I mean we're talking about A-Rod, people.

So let's use this thread to make fun of GGN. Come on, people. I'm expecting some epic stuff here. Let's make this as legendary as the Jake Long or I guess I'll go second threads.