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NFL Week 9 Picks

Christian Petersen

NY Jets over New Orleans

Objectively, this shouldn't even be close. The Saints present the Jets with a number of problems. The Jets are probably starting Zach Sudfeld at tight end. I'm just playing a hunch here. The Jets' pass defense isn't as bad as it looked last week. That embarrassment might have focused the defense and could result in a big improvement. I'm probably nuts so let's move on before I think this through further and change my mind.

Cincinnati over Miami

When you lose a game like the Dolphins lost last week, and that loss is your fourth in a row, it is usually part of a spiral that destroys a season.

Kansas City over Buffalo

The Bills' quarterback situation is too uncertain.

Carolina over Atlanta

This just isn't Atlanta's year.

Dallas over Minnesota

The Dallas passing game goes nuts on a depleted secondary.

Tennessee over St. Louis

Kellen Clemens on a short week! Kellen Clemens on a short week!

San Diego over Washington

I trust the San Diego defense to slow down Washington's offense more than I trust the Redskins to slow down Philip Rivers.

Philadelphia over Oakland

I think the Eagles can slow down the Oakland ground attack.

Seattle over Tampa Bay

What will it take to get Greg Schiano fired?

Baltimore over Cleveland

What would have happened if Brian Hoyer hadn't been injured? My guess is the Browns would have come back to earth, but we'll never know.

New England over Pittsburgh

This is always a tough trip for the Steelers, and last week's loss was a big one.

Indianapolis over Houston

Remember how at the start of the year the Colts were the AFC South Playoff team that was supposed to have a huge regression?

Green Bay over Chicago

I'll take Rodgers over McCown.