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New York Jets Teammates of the Week

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

I have never played Call of Duty, but since it now sponsors a post series here on GGN, I can assure you it is the greatest video game in the history of video games.

In this post series, our job is to find the position group that played the best in the previous week. This was quite a week to start this campaign considering how the Jets were thoroughly outplayed and suffered meltdowns in all three phases of the game.

With that in mind, this week I will put the spotlight on Jets fans as the unit that performed best. Jets fans looked forward to the game all week. They were all fired up after that thrilling win over the rival Patriots. They had to sit through that painful beatdown. Then on Monday they had to hear about it from friends, family, and coworkers.

Bang up job, Jets fans. You did much better than the team on Sunday.