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The New York Jets Playoff Picture

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

If the 2013 NFL season were to end today, the New York Jets would not make the playoffs. That isn't a surprise, I suppose, as the team is currently sitting at .500 midway through the season and second in the division. Currently, the teams that would make the playoffs, from the AFC, are as follows:

#1 Seed: Kansas City Chiefs (8-0) (AFC West) (Bye)

#2 Seed: Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) (AFC North) (Bye)

#3 Seed: New England Patriots (6-2) (AFC East)

#4 Seed: Indianapolis Colts (5-2) (AFC South)

#5 Seed: Denver Broncos (7-1) (Wild Card)

#6 Seed: San Diego Chargers (4-3) (Wild Card)

The Jets are actually the seventh seed, so they're still very much in the hunt at 4-4, but they're not quite there yet. Unfortunately, with the way the AFC West is turning out between the Chiefs and the Broncos, it seems likely that there will only be one wild card spot up for grabs. Currently, the Chargers have that spot, but it's certainly possible the Jets can steal it away. The team has an easier second half schedule, which should give them some leeway for a playoff push. If Geno Smith can become even a little more consistent, the Jets have a real possibility at making the playoffs.

In fact, after the New Orleans Saints, the team has a much more manageable schedule than the Murderer's Row that precedes the bye. They will be competitive games, no doubt about it, but they are winnable with some consistency. One interesting point is that of the team's final eight opponents, only the Baltimore Ravens are in the top half of the league in pass protection/sack rate, according to FootballOutsiders (hat tip to Jared Whaley for pointing this out). This bodes well for the defense, so if the offense can step up their game even just a bit, as I've said, the playoffs are within reach.