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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Matt Sullivan

The baseball postseason is kicking into high gear. The NHL is kicking off its season. How does the NFL counter? Bills! Browns! Manuel! Hoyer! It's Thursday Night Football!

Yeah, this one might be an argument against Thursday Night Football. This looked like a pretty uninteresting game before the schedule was released. Can E.J. Manuel play better in his second road start than he did in his first? Will Brian Hoyer string together another solid game? Can the Browns keep up their surprising play? Does anybody care about the answers to these questions aside from the fans of these two teams? These are the hot button issues for this game. Don't you burn for the answers to these questions? Aren't you pumped up to find out?

Leave your thoughts on the game or anything else below. The normal rules apply. No illegal links. No forbidden topics like politics and religion. Otherwise, enjoy.