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New York Jets: Only the Best

Who do you think has been the Jets' best performer through four games?

My vote would probably go to Damon Harrison. Even though he only plays about half the snaps, Harrison has had an enormous impact when in there. Nose tackle is one of the most important positions on the field. It can make or break a run defense. Stopping the run was supposed to be a weakness for the Jets, but it has been a strength in no small part because of how frequently Harrison is winning his assignments and eliminating multiple blockers on a play. Who would have thought an undrafted guy from William Penn would have such an impact?

Who do you think the top performer on the team has been? Bilal Powell, Demario Davis and to a lesser extent David Harris and Sheldon Richardson seem like they could be in the mix. Is there anybody else who deserves mention?

In an unrelated note, Applebee's is pretty awesome.