Key to Proper Etiquette when Joining other SB Nation Team Sites

I thought I'd post this not because any of us did something wrong but because this past week I really enjoyed the friendly banter we had with the guys/gals from over at Cinci Jungle. The other day I went and joined every SB Nation site of the teams that are remaining on our schedule. Generally there is a 24 hour wait period but surprisingly everyone except the Saints gave me instant access. I have since been given full access to CSC, the Saints site.

This post is just my opinion. I am not admin, just a follower of this site and like everyone here, a huge NY Jets fan.

We had some CJ guys come over and for lack of betters words, kinda rubbed it in our face. This is a major no no! Naturally some of us responded. The few trolls from CJ that did this got band. Then Johnny B had to go into damage control. Look folks, these guys, the admins of this site do it for the love of our team, not for money. We all kinda know the pay is almost nothing if anything. The articles they write for us are incredibly time consuming. No need to have them do anything else that would take away from that.

I am going to keep this on myself. This is what I think when I comment on other team sites and it is always in the back of my mind. I am am a proud NY Jets fan. I am also a proud member of Gang Green Nation. What I say is a direct reflection on our GGN website. I keep it clean, respectful and I never ever troll. After that beat down in Cinci I went back to there site and thanked them for the gr8 convo during last week. I congratulated them on there win and said, "hopefully we will see you in the playoffs." Repsect. :)

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