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Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Adam Bettcher

Rodgers! Ponder!

The 4-2 Green Bay Packers! The 1-5 Minnesota Vikings!

Sunday Night is football night!

After today's rough Jets loss, you might want to tune into a game that frankly does not look very appealing between a pair of NFC North Playoff teams from a year ago. The Packers are on track to return to the postseason. The Vikings are on pace to return to the top of the first round of the NFL Draft. Tonight the spin on their roulette wheel of their three terrible quarterbacks landed on their 2011 first round pick Christian Ponder. It is a divisional game so perhaps Minnesota has a big game in it.

Leave your Sunday Night Football thoughts below. Also feel free to lament today's Jets loss or comment on the World Series, which is also taking place and is probably much more watchable than tonight's football contest. The normal site rules on GGN apply.