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Jets vs. Bengals Second Half Thread

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The first half today in Cincinnati was about as ugly as it gets. The Jets trail the Bengals 28-6. Andy Dalton has four touchdown passes. The Jets have struggled to get anything going on offense, and a special teams meltdown set up Cincinnati's last touchdown. Had the Jets not allowed it, this would be a two score game with Gang Green getting the ball. It has been just hideous. Aside from that, everything is going great.

Either Geno Smith, who really hasn't been at fault at all, will add to his legend by delivering a monster road comeback, or the Jets will continue their win-loss pattern and fall to 4-4. One certainly appears much more likely than the other at this point.

Leave your second half thoughts below. Don't ask to a link of an illegal broadcast of the game. Don't put yourself through watching this. If anybody does ask, don't provide one. Be a better friend than subjecting somebody you know to this.