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New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals Game Thread

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets look to go 5-3 today. To do so, they will have to pass a stiff test, beating a good Bengals team on the road. A victory would guarantee the Jets hit their bye in two weeks with a winning record and a closing stretch that appears manageable on paper.

Even if the Jets lose the next two, they are probably not in terrible shape. The first half of the schedule looked like the tougher one at the start of the year. although some opponents were weaker than expected and others stronger, it has largely played out that way. The first half was about surviving. This team has done that. Having survived it, the next two games present this team with a chance to thrive in that first half and position itself for a big season.

Leave your thoughts below. As usual, neither ask for nor provide a link to an illegal broadcast of the game over the internet.