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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Al Messerschmidt

Tonight is Game 2 of the World Series. Your move, NFL. Who do you put up to counter that? It's an NFC South showdown between the mediocre Panthers and the embarrassing Buccaneers!

You can watch the Greg Schiano Farewell Tour continue. Actually, tonight might be the last stop. If a team was going to make a coaching change and had already passed its bye, the most logical time for a change would be when that team has three extra days to prepare for its next opponent. Tonight might be the former Rutgers coach's swansong in the NFL before his return to the college game next year. With the team already 0-6 and new stories coming out about how much of a mess the team is internally coming out by the day, it is kind of difficult to see how the coach can survive a loss.

Leave your thoughts on the game and Schiano tributes below. No links to illegal broadcasts of the game allowed. Why anybody would want one is beyond me.