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NFL Week 8 Picks

Mike Ehrmann

Cincinnati over NY Jets

The Jets seem to do much better when I pick against them so let's keep that going. Seriously, though, this is a tough game. It's a tough road game off an emotional win. The advantage the Jets usually ride up front will be negated.

Carolina over Tampa Bay

Mike Glennon against Carolina's front without Doug Martin to take the pressure off? Yikes.

Detroit over Dallas

I see the home team winning a shootout.

San Francisco over Jacksonville


Kansas City over Cleveland

Mistake free wins again.

New England over Miami

The Dolphins seem like they are in freefall.

New Orleans over Buffalo

Even off a nice win in Miami, this is too much to ask for the Bills.

NY Giants over Philadelphia

Too much uncertainty at quarterback for the Eagles to pick them.

Pittsburgh over Oakland

Are the Steelers putting it together?

Atlanta over Arizona

The Falcons score enough to earn a road win.

Denver over Washington

It will not be pleasant facing an angry Broncos team on the road.

Green Bay over Minnesota

Does it really matter which of their three bad quarterbacks the Vikings start?

Seattle over St. Louis

Seattle's rushing attack against St. Louis' run defense looks like a mismatch.