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Jets vs. Patriots Defensive Snap Count

Jeff Zelevansky

Below are snap totals yesterday for the Jets defensively in their win over the Patriots.

You might not be surprised to see so few snaps for nose tackles against Tom Brady and five defensive backs logging at least 79% of the snaps. The cornerback revolving door continues as Dee Milliner got the second most snaps at the position, Kyle Wilson got the third most, and Darrin Walls played sparingly. Injuries have played a role, but it is interesting to see how the three have slid up and down the depth chart. I'd be interested to know why this is. Perhaps it has to do with matchups.

The first number next to each player's name is the total number of defensive snaps played. The second is the percentage of defensive snaps played.

D Landry SS 76 100%

D Harris LB 76 100%

A Cromartie CB 76 100%

M Wilkerson DE 75 99%

Q Coples LB 75 99%

S Richardson DT 72 95%

A Allen FS 71 93%

D Davis LB 71 93%

D Milliner CB 67 88%

K Wilson CB 60 79%

C Pace LB 49 64%

J Jarrett FS 31 41%

D Harrison NT 15 20%

D Walls CB 9 12%

G McIntyre LB 5 7%

L Douzable DE 5 7%

R Sapp LB 2 3%

K Ellis DT 1 1%