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Jets Release Brady Quinn, Activate David Garrard

Geno Smith has a new back-up.

Wesley Hitt

The Jets had until 4:00 on Monday to decide whether or not to add quarterback David Garrard to the active roster, and they've done just that, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports.

In order to make room for Garrard, who had retired in the Spring after the Jets had originally signed him, New York has released third string veteran quarterback Brady Quinn, who was never active this season.

It has yet to be seen what type of physical condition Garrard is in or what role he will play, but the fact that the Jets brought him in most likely means he's close. If not next week, I would expect Garrard to move ahead of Matt Simms in the depth chart soon.

According to ESPN's Rich Cimini, Garrard will earn $54K per week.