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Bud Adams, Owner of the Tennessee Titans, Dead at 90

Grant Halverson

Multiple reports have indicated that Kenneth Stanley "Bud" Adams, Jr., the owner of the Tennessee Titans, has passed away at age ninety.

Bud Adams was instrumental in founding the American Football League, of which the New York Jets, then called the Titans of New York, were a member. Adams played a large role in the stability of the struggling league, and in particular the Titans. Adams had a close relationship with Harry Wismer, the original owner of the team. The Titans were, even then, the laughing stock of the New York media, and struggled financially. Adams helped the team remain afloat until it could be sold to Sonny Werblin's partnership, whereupon they moved from the old Polo Grounds to Shea Stadium.

For more information on Bud Adams, please visit our sister site, MusicCityMiracles. On behalf of the staff of GangGreenNation, our thoughts and prayers go out to Adams' friends and family.