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Jets vs. Patriots Offensive Snap Count

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Below are offensive snap totals for the Jets in yesterday's overtime victory over the New England Patriots at the Meadowlands. The first number next to each name is the total number of snaps. The second number is the percentage of snaps.

For the time being, it seems like David Nelson is the number three receiver and with good reason. What happens once Santonio Holmes returns with the playing time will be interesting to see. Anything else stick out to you?

D Ferguson T 91 100%

W Colon G 91 100%

A Howard T 91 100%

B Winters G 91 100%

G Smith QB 91 100%

N Mangold C 91 100%

J Kerley WR 85 93%

S Hill WR 80 88%

J Cumberland TE 75 82%

D Nelson WR 65 71%

T Bohanon FB 54 59%

C Ivory RB 52 57%

B Powell RB 22 24%

M Campbell WR 8 9%

A Green RB 7 8%

J Cribbs WR 4 4%

K Reuland TE 2 2%

Z Sudfeld TE 1 1%