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The New York Jets Should Trade for Stedman Bailey


This past weekend, Sam Bradford tore his anterior cruciate ligament and is out for the year. Now, the St. Louis Rams' starting quarterback is none other than Kellen Clemens, the former second round pick of the New York Jets. However, let's be honest for a moment. There is no way the Rams are going full speed ahead with Clemens, who during the preseason against the Green Bay Packers went 2-11 for 27 yards, two interceptions, and a 0.0 quarterback rating.

But there is a solution. The Jets can trade one of their backup quarterbacks (Matt Simms, Brady Quinn, or David Garrard) to the Rams. In addition, they can throw in a late round pick, one of many that they will have in the 2014 NFL Draft, and receive WR Stedman Bailey in return.

I said much about Bailey, even going so far as to proclaim him my favorite receiver in the 2013 NFL Draft. He was Geno Smith's favorite wide receiver at West Virginia University, and the two even played in high school together. Together, the two can create the New York Mountaineers, and give Smith an additional threat at a banged up position. There have been numerous reports that Bailey had an excellent training camp, however the Rams have so many receiving threats (naturally, they have been underutilized by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) that it's created a bottleneck.

So while the Rams seem to have no use for Bailey and desperately need a quarterback, a good trade opportunity has arisen. Neither the backup quarterbacks for the Jets nor Bailey for the Rams have done much for either team, yet they are in a position to be of use to the other team, creating a win-win scenario. Throw in a late round pick to sweeten the deal, and John Idzik should be jumping at the opportunity.