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Jets Stun Patriots in Overtime

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Is there anybody who can explain this football team?A week after losing to the then winless Steelers, the Jets defeated a 5-1 Patriots team that was coming off a win against the then undefeated Saints. It has been that kind of wild season in New York, and the Jets added a fourth wild victory 30-27 in overtime.

Like he had twice before this season, Nick Folk delivered a game-winning field goal. Like in Week 1, the chance to win the game was set up by the other team taking a dumb personal foul. All that really matters, though, is the Jets are 4-3 and back within a game of the first place Patriots. The Jets won the second half and overtime by a 20-6 margin.

Celebrate below. We will be back later in the afternoon and evening with the official recap of yet another heart-stopping victory by the 2013 New York Jets.