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Geno Smith at the Quarter Pole

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith is one quarter of the way through his rookie season. To give you a broad idea of how he is played so far, here are what some of his important statistics would look like at the end of the season if he continues to play at his current pace.

312/544; 4,360 yards; 16 TD; 32 INT

64 rushes; 340 yards; 4 TD; 12 fumbles

The numbers match up with the eye test for me. Geno has looked like a guy capable of making some big plays in the passing game. Geno is on pace to fall just 14 yards short of Andrew Luck's rookie record for passing yards.

Unfortunately his staggering tendency to turn the ball over more than undoes the good. Geno is on pace to break Peyton Manning's rookie record for interceptions, and that doesn't including the fumbling issue.

The bottom line is there are things to like so far, but the Jets are probably going to be in the mix to draft a quarterback early in 2014 unless the turnovers drop greatly as the year progresses.