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Helmet Stickers: Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Jets

We update our weekly table, highlighting the top Jets performers from the pathetic performance against the Steelers

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

There are two reasons this article is 24 hours late. Reason number one is I was quite busy last night and didn't get the chance to write it. Reason number two is I don't think there are any Jets who deserve to receive the first or second stars in this weeks table. I've watched the game three times now, twice on condensed game action and nobody sticks out as having a performance worthy of notable recognition.

So please take these stickers with a grain of salt as if I could rank the stars worth, these would be right at the bottom

As you'll probably notice, I won't be doing any honorable mentions this week.

Third Star: Jeff Cumberland, 4 receptions, 59 yards

Let me just say that I don't think it was the best game you'll see from Jeff and he needs to do a better job blocking in-line but he was the leading receiver and made a couple of very nice grabs. I think we need to look to him more as he does create mis-matches and while he doesn't have elite speed, he can get behind the linebackers and if the ball is thrown when he is coming out of his break, he can be a very difficult man to bring down.

Sometimes I think the sky is the limit for Jeff, but the Jets need to get him more targets, it really is as simple as that. Get him involved in the gameplan and watch his stats take a serious climb.

Second Star: Bilal Powell, 9 rushes, 30 yards. 3 receptions, 20 yards

Those numbers do not look great, but that's why you can't go by numbers. Powell was really grinding out some tough yardage early in that contest but for some reason we seemed to panick and abandoned the run game far too early. When your main back has under 10 carries, you expect to see a blow-out scoreline but that didn't happen. We need to stick with it as Bilal has shown the capability to make some things happen when given the opportunity.

There is one more reason why I'm giving this to Bilal, and that's because the offensive line was absolutely horrendous. I'm talking truly terrible. They were creating absolutely no holes at all, in fact our well paid left tackle was like a revolving door and looked to be lacking strength or mobility. Colon was just slow off the snap. So with nothing to work with, Bilal didn't do a bad job.

First Star: David Harris, 10 tackles, 1 sack

I didn't know whether to give this to Harris as his play in coverage is still a massive concern, he just doesn't seem capable of keeping up with receivers, he doesn't have the pace. However at least he is looking a lot more stout this year and he is making the plays we expect him to make. He's very active and he has been back to his normal self in run defense. It wasn't a great game from Harris, but I think with all things considered with the season he has been having so far, he deserves to get his name up here.

Week Week 1 v Tampa Week 2 @ NE Week 3 v Buffalo Week 4 @ Titans Week 5 @ Falcons Week 6 v Pitt
First Star Nick Folk Demario Davis Muhammad Wilkerson Bilal Powell Geno Smith David Harris
Second Star Sheldon Richardson Damon Harrison Santonio Holmes Demario Davis Muhammad Wilkerson Bilal Powell
Third Star Geno Smith Chris Ivory Bilal Powell Kellen Winslow Sheldon Richardson Jeff Cumberland
Honorable Mention Star Kellen Winslow Darrin Walls Demario Davis Nick Folk Nick Folk Stephen Hill
Other Mentions Harrison, Wilkerson Powell, Holmes Hill, Smith Landry, Bohanon Cumberland Harris Goodson, Richardson

I've taken on your comments. So now the table will be a points table and it will work as follows:

First Star = 10 Points

Second Star = 6 Points

Third Star = 3 Points

Player Total Points
Bilal Powell 19
Muhammad Wilkerson 16
Demario Davis 16
Geno Smith 13
David Harris 10
Nick Folk 10
Sheldon Richardson 9
Damon Harrison 6
Santonio Holmes 6
Chris Ivory 3
Kellen Winslow 3
Jeff Cumberland 3

I hope my maths is correct, I'll admit it's not my strong point, any errors let me know in the comments.