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Jets Sign Josh Cribbs and Greg Salas; Clyde Gates to IR


The Jets have signed former Browns return ace Josh Cribbs and Eagles practice squad receiver Greg Salas. Clyde Gates has also been placed on injured reserve. Mike Goodson's trip to IR left the team with two open roster spots.

As a human being, you never want to see anybody get hurt so Gates' injury is sad on that level. He really did not bring much to the table in a positive way.

Cribbs is an interesting addition. The Jets and he have flirted multiple times since the offseason. Now they finally pulled the trigger. It probably all depends on his knee. It did not seem healthy a few months ago during a preseason stint with the Raiders. He was, however, still a top return guy as recently as last season. He could provide a decent upgrade in the return game if his condition improved. He might even be useful in spot duty on the offense, mainly on plays to get him the ball in space.