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What's The Matter With Cromartie?

Unless you have buried your head in the sand, you will notice that the #1 CB for the New York Jets, isn't playing like a #1 CB at all.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody likes to lose a game, I certainly didn't enjoy watching yesterdays pathetic show at Metlife. However one aspect is seriously starting to concern me and that is the play of Antonio Cromartie.

According to PFF statistics, he is rated as the 101st CB out of 103 that qualify for the ranking system. He's not the worst CB in the league, he's not the second worst, but he is the third worst. If you believe the ranking system that they use.

While I'm not sure he is one of the 3 worst cornerbacks in the league, his play this season is a far cry from his pro-bowl performance last season. He gave up another long touchdown on Sunday, as well as another penalty for pass interference and he has now given up three touchdowns on the season.

However it's not just the long bombs he is getting beat on, he is getting beat off the line on slant plays. He is getting beat on simple out routes, he isn't tackling clean. His one redeeming quality is the pace he has shown to track ball carriers from behind, usually after surrendering a completion.

There are many reasons why the Jets chose to not re-sign Revis to a long term contract. One of them was surely the performance of Cromartie last season, he was a shutdown guy that quarterbacks just avoided. This year and especially in the last two weeks, quarterbacks have been challenging him because his performance level has been so low. He has been targeted 41 times this season, which is the 5th highest in the league. That's an incredible amount, especially when you consider that the other cornerbacks on the Jets roster are either average of unknowns. Yet quarterbacks still feel confident throwing Cromartie's way.

So what can we put this down to? is it the movement in the secondary? he is playing with two new safeties and has played with a rookie corner on the other side. Is it injuries that are slowing him down? there were murmurs that he may be done for the season, but he still suited up on Sunday. Is that toughness? or is that stupidity? as right now he is hurting this football team. Unfortunately with Dee Milliner being absent with his own injury, the cover we have at the position is quite terrible.

When Milliner is back, I wouldn't be against letting Cro sit for a week or two to really rehab any injuries that are niggling him, as right now he looks terrible. That's tough for me to say as I'm a massive Cromartie fan.

I'm completely useless with the Cap, however looking at the ever insightful it looks as though Cromartie will count $14.9 million against the cap next season. If cut we will save $9.5 million, unless he starts performing better than he has, I wouldn't bet against the Jets cutting him at the end of the season, or at least trying to re-work that figure as he is not performing to a $4.9 million salary at the moment, let alone $14.9 million.