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New York Jets Flight Connections 10-11-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

Darrin "The Human Wall" Walls.
Darrin "The Human Wall" Walls.
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters!  Here are your daily New York Jets links for this Aloha Friday...

You sill have a few hours to vote for Geno Smith for Rookie of the Week and for Never Say Never. Vote often.  Make it his belated birthday present.

Matt Birch: How the Jets soared to victory in Atlanta.

Bob Raissman: The Jets are proving TV networks wrong by playing like a prime-time team.

Kristian Dyer: The Jets are cutting down on penalties, thanks to push-ups.

Justin Terranova: OC Marty Mornhinweg's offense has re-fueled the Jets.

Kimberley A. Martin: David Garrard gives the Jets a mentor at quarterback.

Darryl Slater: Kellen Winslow sat out of practice again.

Matt Ehalt: It is not looking good for Santonio Holmes.

Seth Walder: Holmes stays quiet.

Michael J. Fensom: The Jets have added WR Saalim Hakim to the practice squad.  I'm instantly rooting for him because his name rhymes.

Randy Lange: For LB David Harrisit's never about his numbers.

Charlie Frankel: Playing the Pittsburgh Steelers is old hat for CB Darrin Walls.

Mark Cannizzaro: K Nick Folk has a knack for delivering under pressure.

Dick Cimini: Overshadowed was the performance of the special teams.

Stu Woo: The special teams pulled off two of the toughest plays in football.  I like Stu Woo because his name rhymes.

The Jets Blog shares extra analysis of the previous game.

The Jets Setter previews the next game.

Jets Insider previews the game.

AP: Jerricho Cotchery is finding a niche with the Steelers.

The Post: The Jets are wary of QB Ben Roethlisberger despite the Steelers' weak line.

Gary Myers: QB Eli Manning is distraught after the New York Giants lost to the Chicago Bears.

Deadspin: Hobken mayoral candidate burns Eli in a dumb open letter.

Deadspin: The Minnesota Vikings decide that they need more public money for their new stadium.

Deadspin: The hidden victims of the NFL's concussion crisis.

OSN: The most offensive team names.

OSN: Virginia Tech QB Marcus Vick is likely out for the Sunday shift at Sbarro.

SB Nation previews some games:

I think this is such a mean thing to do to your dad, scheduling his first ever NFL game on a day his team will lose:

Here are yesterday's links.