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Antonio Cromartie Injures His Knee

Al Bello

Rich Cimini of ESPN has reported:

This could be devastating to the New York Jets if it's as serious as it sounds. Last time this team had a cornerback go down with a non-contact knee injury, it was Darrelle Revis and he was down for the year with a torn ACL. We'll obviously update you all when we have more information, but for now, let's hope it's a false alarm.

If it's not, get ready to see Darrin Walls and Kyle Wilson at outside cornerback. When Dee Milliner returns from his injury, he will likely replace Wilson on the outside.

UPDATE: Rich Cimini is now reporting that the team does not believe the injury is season-ending, however it is serious enough that Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is in doubt.

UPDATE 2: Rich Cimini is now reporting that it's simply a hyperextended knee and Cromartie will be fine. However, his status is still questionable for this weekend.