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NFL Week 6 Picks

Al Bello

NY Jets over Pittsburgh

Pass me the Kool Aid.

Chicago over NY Giants

I think we can safely say the Giants are one of the worst teams in the NFL. They're on the road on a short week.

Cincinnati over Buffalo

I only have one rule. When a team's starting quarterback was on the practice squad a week ago, pick against that team.

Baltimore over Green Bay

I didn't love the Packers defense even with Clay Matthews in the lineup.

Detroit over Cleveland

Browns fans should rejoice me picking against them at this point.

Carolina over Minnesota

I think Carolina can slow down the run game, and their offense gives the Vikings problems.

Houston over St. Louis

I trust the Texans' offense to get back on track more than I trust St. Louis' unit.

Kansas City over Oakland

Despite a strong game against Philip Rivers, the Raiders don't force enough mistakes, and the Chiefs don't make enough for Oakland to win.

Tampa Bay over Philadelphia

I like the Bucs to finally get a win off a bye. I think Tampa Bay plays stout defense, controls the ball, and gets just enough from its offense.

Denver over Jacksonville

I only have one rule. When Peyton Manning is off to the best start of his career, pick him if he's up against perhaps one of the worst teams in NFL history.

Seattle over Tennessee

I don't see how the Titans win at this venue with a backup quarterback.

New England over New Orleans

I don't think the Pats get shut down two straight weeks. The Saints are due for a rough one, and Rob Gronkowski is likely back.

San Francisco over Arizona

It feels like the Niners have straightened the ship.

Dallas over Washington

Despite their record, the Cowboys look like the class of the NFC East.

Indianapolis over San Diego

The Chargers are inconsistent enough to win this game, but the Colts look like they're taking a big step forward.