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David Garrard is Returning to the Jets

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

After retiring this past May with a knee injury, the Jets have re-signed quarterback David Garrard.

This move definitely comes out of left field, after hearing nothing about Garrard for the past four months. Garrard will be placed on the exempt list for two weeks, although he will be able to practice with the team. This should mean the end of the road for Brady Quinn, who has not been active in a single game this season.

Garrard, a quarterback with a similar skill set, should be a very good back-up for Geno Smith. While Garrard will be the most competent back-up they've had all season, don't see him as a threat to take the starting quarterback spot. You expect him to be a good veteran presence and mentor to the rookie Geno Smith.

Garrard told reporters:

I was able to take the whole summer off and let my body heal.  I started training a couple of months ago and my knee feels great.

Welcome back, David.