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GIF Breakdown: New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons

Let's take a look at some plays.

Scott Cunningham

Hey folks. I present to you, a glorious GIF Breakdown of the victory over the Atlanta Falcons. There were so many good plays this week, I probably could have done about 20 GIFs. Some of the ones I missed include the blocked punt, goal-line stands, near pick-six, Spider 2 Y Banana, Chris Ivory's leap, etc. However, in the interest of time and internet bandwidth, here are four selections.


Q1, 10:56 remaining. Geno Smith recognizes that his receivers are all facing man coverage (with a single high safety dropping back on the snap), and that there's an overload blitz coming from the right side. That leaves Mike Goodson uncovered behind the blitz. It's a bit unusual for a New York Jets quarterback to recognize the hot route, but that's exactly what we see here.


Q2, 11:08 remaining. Jeff Cumberland immediately beats Joplo Bartu and looks back for the ball. Smith places the ball absolutely perfectly where only Cumberland can get it. Smith probably could have led Cumberland more, as Bartu was so behind that anything over his head likely would have worked, but Smith's placement avoids the incoming cornerback and safety converging on that point. I can't really describe how flawless Smith's placement is other than to say that this is a NFL throw that only the good quarterbacks in this league can regularly do.


Q2, 7:29 remaining. Watch Kerley's cut. He stops on an absolute dime, throwing Robert McClain completely off balance. Kerley's touchdown dive is helped by Asante Samuel's infamous reluctance to tackle, but he makes two moves (breaking the tackle and the dive) which are just pure effort plays from a guy who wanted it more than they did.


Q4, :25 remaining. This was actually a designed pass on third down, and as Willie Colon noted, it takes guts to make a check like that as a rookie with the game on the line. Smith is saved by an excellent move by Bilal Powell, but seriously. I can't say enough about this guy.

Finally, I want to acknowledge one last play by King Muhammad Wilkerson. He truly is a god amongst men.