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Brian Winters to Replace Vladimir Ducasse in Starting Lineup

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Kimberly Martin reports the Jets will have a new starting left guard next week in Atlanta. Rookie Brian Winters will take the job for Vladimir Ducasse, who will be benched.

This felt like a necessary move. Ducasse played well in Foxborough Week 2, but he has been a glaring weakness in the other three games, one of the worst guards in football particularly in pass protection. When watching the games over, it almost seems like there are two types of plays, those where the Jets protect Ducasse by providing help and those where he gets soundly beaten.

This is no guarantee for success. Remember how excited people were when Darrin Walls became a starter last week? Winters himself looked pretty lost in the preseason so the Jets can only hope he has improved a lot.

This move is probably the best of numerous bad options.