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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Jets to Interview Jerry Angelo

Jonathan Daniel

Manish Mehta reports the Jets are going to interview former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo tomorrow.

Jets will interview former Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo tomorrow for vacant GM job, per source.

Angelo would be the first person to interview with the Jets who has previous general manager experience. He was general manager in Chicago from 2001 to 2011. In that time, the Bears were 95-81 with four division titles and a trip to the Super Bowl. They had won 19 games in the four seasons before he came aboard.

Angelo's experience makes him somewhat unique from the other candidates. We can dream big and imagine the other people are perfect because they have never been in a position to make a mistake before. Angelo is more of a known. He added a lot of talent to the Bears and has been responsible for their solid recent record of success. One thing I don't like is how he doesn't value the offensive line. In eleven years, he used three Draft picks on the offensive line in the first three rounds. That's a reason the unit has been such a weakness and his offense never caught up to his defense.

Overall, I think he's a pretty good GM. We will have more on him tomorrow, but I think I would be fine with him.