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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Jets to Interview Omar Khan


Manish Mehta reports the Jets are going to interview Pittsburgh Steelers executive Omar Khan.

Jets will interview Steelers executive Omar Khan for vacant GM job tomorrow, per source.

Omar Khan's official title with the Steelers is Director of Football & Business Adminstration. Jets expanding their search this week.

Omar Khan's strengths are contract negotiations and salary cap expertise. Jets are in dire need to for an upgrade in those areas.

This is more like it. Khan is an excellent candidate on paper. There is a bit of a negative. He is charged with running the Steelers' salary cap, and they are not in good shape. John Clayton noted today they are $10 million over.

Now that we are past that, Khan is an attractive candidate. His current job has him doing a lot on the business side, but like Tom Gamble, he has had a wide array of responsibilities. He has personnel experience. He has negotiated contracts. He has strategically planned.

Most importantly, he would probably bring people over from the Steelers organization. Pittsburgh is one of the finest teams in football. Even though their cap situation doesn't look great on paper, they don't spend foolishly on players from other teams. They also have found success determining which players are expendable and using the Draft to find cheap replacements for them.

So as this thing ebbs and flows, we have an encouraging turn.