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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Jets Get Permission to Speak With Brian Gaine From Miami Dolphins

Chris Trotman

Albert Breer reports the Jets have received permission to speak with Miami Dolphins assistant general manager Brian Gaine.

Jets have asked for and received permission to interview Dolphins assistant GM Brian Gaine for their GM spot. Interview expected this week.

Nothing says, "This team knows what it's doing," quite like interviewing a Jeff Ireland protege.

This search has taken a turn for the worse over the past 24 hours or so. This team should look to model itself after successful franchises. The Miami Dolphins have been anything but a successful franchise of late. Even worse, Gaine used to work with the Jets. He was a foot soldier in the Bradway regime and was part of the Jets front office from 1999 to 2004. He's from the current group. He isn't going to start fresh.

I've seen a lot of writers push Gaine, but I haven't seen any substantive reasons other than Bill Parcells liking him. You know two other people Parcells liked? Mike Tannenbaum and Tony Sparano.