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New York Jets News: Buffalo Bills Hire Mike Pettine as Defensive Coordinator


Chris Mortensen reports the Bills have hired former Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine for the same role.

As expected, the Bills have hired Mike Pettine as defensive coordinator. Pettine had been with Jets previous four seasons.

That's too bad. Pettine is a good coach and helped Rex Ryan implement his defense.

There's all kind of speculation on why Pettine left. Some say the Jets wouldn't pay him. Some say he wanted to get out of Rex Ryan's shadow. Some say there is evidence he was one of Manish Mehta's biggest sources for the articles he wrote that made the Jets look bad. Maybe some combination is true.

I wish Pettine had stayed out of the AFC East, but the Bills have been a terribly run franchise for a long time. It's going to take a lot more than this to scare me. I think Dennis Thurman is up to the task and that the defense will be just as good with him implementing Rex Ryan's plan. Thurman is very qualified and very good.