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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Scott Cohen Impresses During Interview


Many of you express doubt about how accurate Jason LaCanfora's reporting is. Hopefully you folks are right based on a tweet from tonight on the Jets' general manager situation.

Hear that Scott Cohen was very impressive during interview today. Jets could end up promoting their assistant GM to GM

I am sure many will panic at this news. I'm not there yet. I probably should know better, but I just cannot believe even the Jets would be foolish enough to make an internal hire given the current state of the team. I mean even this team wouldn't fork over $200,000 to a headhunting firm to do a national search finding the best credentialed candidates only to hire somebody in house, right?

In any event, if you are active on Twitter, make use of the hashtag #JetsFanAgainstCohen to make it clear this would be unacceptable. The best places to send it are @nyjets and @woodyjohnson4.