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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Tom Gamble's Star Falling, Dave Caldwell's Rising Because of Interviews?

Jim McIsaac

Jake Steinberg had an interesting tweet today about something he heard regarding Tom Gamble.

Gamble was the #1 choice before his interview. However, Gamble blew his interview and was not impressive. Caldwell, however, killed it.

That kind of squares up with the general tone of reports. Saturday and prior Gamble was getting all of the buzz. Then we started hearing about the Jets liking another candidate. Then we started hearing more about Caldwell. Long-time trusted GGN source Florio is apparently hearing the same thing.

This is why I can't really say definitive things about the general manager search. When it comes to free agent or coaching acquisitions, candidates have a clear body of work. We can make very reasonable guesses about how they will turn out. General manager candidates are more like Draft prospects. We have a general idea about them and can make educated guesses, but there are more variables so we have to be less definitive.

On paper, Gamble has had a greater variety of responsibilities. That might make him the best candidate. Not necessarily, though. The Falcons have been one of the best drafting teams in the league since Caldwell started handling things there. There are rumblings that Gamble's knowledge of the salary cap was unimpressive. That could be. We don't know precisely the nature of Gamble's previous work. We know all of his jobs but not what he did well and what he didn't. Maybe he is really bad at the cap. Even though it isn't on his resume, Caldwell might know the cap better.

What it comes down to is whether you trust the people running the search. We can weed out the people qualified from those not qualified, but that really only puts us on the green. The team needs to do the deep digging to separate those with good resumes from those who will have the right vision and skills to rebuild the Jets. I trust the search firm the Jets are using. Let's hope they justify that faith.