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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Scott Cohen's Candidacy Gaining Momentum?
Marc Serota

Jason LaCanfora is hearing some news that is sure to upset most fans.

With SF's Tom Gamble's star not as bright with the Jets right now, hearing NYJ assistant GM Scott Cohen gaining support.

There are always false rumors put out for various reasons during any search. We all are probably hoping this is one of them. If you want to talk about a hire that would rightly enrage this fanbase, Cohen would be it. Cohen was one of Mike Tannenbaum's right hand men. If the aimless and nonsensical direction of personnel decisions this franchise has recently made upset you, odds are Cohen had a hand in them.

There is not a single thing the people in this front office have very done well recently from drafting to managing the cap to finding talent from other rosters. It has been repeated many times and deserves to be repeated again. The same people have been around for over a decade and have not gotten the job done. It is time for a fresh perspective.

I'm not going to freak out unless Cohen is hired, but you can count on a full scale freak out from me if that actually does happen.

If you are as opposed to this as I am, I suggest clicking here to e-mail the Jets or tweeting @nyjets how unacceptable this hire would be, and make it clear you will not spend money supporting this team if you are so disposed.