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Dennis Thurman Promoted to Be New York Jets Defensive Coordinator


Edit Costello says it's official. Thurman is in.

Manish Mehta reports secondary coach Dennis Thurman is likely to be elevated to defensive coordinator.

Jets aren't wasting time with coaches. I'm told DBs coach Dennis Thurman is expected to be named the new defensive coordinator.

Jets defense will have similar dynamic as 2009: Rex Ryan & Dennis Thurman are expected to share play-calling duties on defense.

Thurman is the most logical hire. He has done an excellent job as secondary coach. Antonio Cromartie in particular has taken his game to the next level. The Jets have consistently had one of the best pass defenses in the game under Thurman, and other teams have sought him as coordinator in the past.

Rex Ryan said in today's press conference that Mike Pettine was probably out the door. This is still going to be Rex's defense, though. He needs a coordinator he is comfortable with. As head coach, Rex can not be as hands on with the unit as he was as a coordinator. A lot of the duties fall to somebody else. Rex and Thurman have worked together for a long time and are on the same page.

The Jets are in a fortunate position to have so many good coaches on the defensive side of the ball to choose from. It's the complete opposite of the offensive side of the ball. Karl Dunbar would have been another good choice, but Thurman's longer history with Rex probably means he makes more sense.

It will stink in some sense for Thurman to not be able to spend all of his time working with secondary players, but as GGN members Shane H and Exystence said today, better to lose Thurman from a veteran secondary than Dunbar from a young and developing defensive line.