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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Woody Johnson's Private Plane Was in Atlanta This Morning

Chris Graythen

Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog notes Woody Johnson's private jet is currently in Atlanta and scheduled to touch down again in New Jersey before today's press conference.

So, while we slept last night with visions of Tom Gamble dancing in our heads, Woody’s private jet touched down at Peachtree-DeKalb, the nearest regional airport to the Falcons facilities according to FlightAware.

What does this mean? Bassett notes there are reports it is for a second interview with Dave Caldwell. Could it be that the plane will return to the area with Caldwell on it? Is a deal in place? Will the Jets have a new general manager by the news conference? I guess we will all have to wait and see. As of now, no word has broken about any general manager news so all we can do is wait to find out. This opens up room for even more speculation, though.